Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (360/PS3/PC/Wii/PS2/PSP)

I worked for Krome Studios as a level designer on Republic Heroes from 2008-2009. Involved with levels from start to finish, initial design work was done based around the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. At around halfway through the project the two teams shifted to become more focused with Brisbane working on 360/PS3/PC and Adelaide working on Wii/PS2/PSP.

After this point I became responsible for continuing work on my own levels, along with taking responsibilty for several levels that had previously been the responsibility of level designers on the "next-gen" team. (Similarly, level designers on that team took responsibility for polishing our levels for their skus)

The project was an interesting experience involving everything from pure creative work (initial 3d sketching of level layouts) to final porting polish trying to get levels designed for XBOX 360 working effectively on the PS2.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii/PS2/PSP)

I worked in Brisbane for Krome Studios as a level designer on TFU from late 2006 to early 2008. When I joined the project most of the initial level layout work had already been done, so work mostly involved creating interesting gameplay usage of those spaces. Late in the project as work was winding down on the primary platform (PS2) I transferred to Adelaide to work on the PSP port where I contributed towards bug fixing and optimisation work.

Tronpreydm1 - Vomitronium

A gravity warping multiplayer map for Prey that was made so that a friend and I could play duels without having the traverse the quite massive stock maps.

Considering the limitations imposed on creating multiplayer maps for this engine I am quite proud of how this turned out. Fun, quick to traverse while still allowing lots of cat and mouse gameplay, yet coming in well within dm light and polycount recommended limits.

abd3sp1 - A long way from Tipperary

A single player escapade for Doom 3 that utilises imported modelled environments, scripted events and so much more!

Release will be announced on the front page when it is ready, currently being revised to ensure a consistent build quality across the pack.


A twisty curvy disorientatingly (Yes that is a word, no don't look it up in a dictionary) fun map for the Doom 3 TC Into Cerberon

The level was modelled whole in 3D Studio Max and then broken up into smaller pieces to allow for visportaling, with the sections imported into Doomedit where entities and brushwork detail was added.


What the packaging says it what you get, maps created with around 60-100 minutes of time based on a random theme decided upon every week over at Func_Msgboard

I have probably participated in speedmapping around 10 times, the usual results are maps that, while visually crude due to the time constraints, often produce some interesting new gameplay ideas.

trondm4 - Cruel Intentions

This was built years ago, before Trondm2 even, but for some reason I forgot all about it and happened to come across it while sorting out my maps directory. Despite being three levels this plays fairly two dimensionally, probably the reason I forgot about it in the first place. ;)

trondm3 - OMGWTFBBQ

A relic from an age when its adopted title was slightly less of a cliched catchphrase than it is now, OMGWTFBBQ is yet to be released in a final state, the seeming endless run of beta versions being a perfect way of bugging RPG who still harasses me to complete this to the present day.

Since I am unlikely to ever come back to this I have released the source .map


Released with very little fanfare, this small map was going to be part of a cancelled mod. I altered a couple of things to make it standalone and finished it off.

A nice map I feel, let down by the fact that as a standalone, without the thematic elements the mod was intended to bring it doesn't really suit the run around strafing and jumping Quake style of gameplay.

trondm2 - Flame Grilled Tamagotchi

A curvy arena designed specifically for duel matches but capable of holding 3-4 if you feel like a fragfest.

trondm1 - Nyargh, Need Coffee!

My first released dm map, and one which will always be special to me (awwwwwwwwwwwwwww)

Memorable mostly due to my handpositioning of 100+ spotlights using the method of individually targeting each one at a different info_null. Discovered shortly after doing this that a third party light compiler allowed you to place spotlights easily and copy-paste them around a map by setting a single parameter in the entity that didn't need change for each freaking light. Needless to say, I was a little bitter about this, but learned a valuable lesson about the sometimes tedious nature of level design over the hours spent calibrating those original spotlights.