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13 September 2014

University Wrapping Up = Time To Map

Finally coming up on the end of the Bachelors Degree, and with this final study period only having three classes I've been finding spare time to brush off the old editor. This started off as a trial of textures made by my mate Garth Hendy, and has grown into a full length (around 15-20 minutes) level. The next couple of months are going to be busy with final exam study, but will hopefully have this project finished by the end of the year. Click to embiggen.

13 May 2012

Flight Simulator: Crash And You Die Edition

This is what I'm up to right now, hence the lack of updates. Learning to fly is fun!

7 February 2012

Three Million Years From Earth

So I've found myself with a bit a free time before university resumes for the year, what better way to spend the time than by brushing up on my 3DSMAX skills by way of the Jupiter Mining Corporations best ship, the Red Dwarf. It moves a bit fast, but I was matching the video length up to an audio cue.

13 February 2010

New stuff What

Been playing around with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars a bit the last week or so. Nice to use a fully developed version of the megatexture tools. Just a couple of preview images of what I am up to. It's set on Stroggos, trying to make a more up to date version of the Quake 2 look. Setting is an old Strogg Quarry that is now the site of a giant anti-aircraft gun the GDF must destroy

29 November 2009

The entry where Adam is three years late in updating and suddenly unemployed

After three years with Krome Studios I, and several other people, recently found ourselves made redundant. Such is life. Time to start updating the portfolio!

17 August 2006

Whereupon Adam releases Trondm3...sorta

Once upon a time in a mysterious land known as #terrafusion.

NotoriousRay scrap it and release the source if you're certain you won't finish it

Tron Hmm

Tron That's not a bad idea

Thus it is so, now you too can own your own little piece of omgwtfbbq!

That zip contains a compiled .bsp and the .map file. I was going to compile a texture wad from the bsp but couldn't find a download for Texmex except for the fileplanet one which I don't have an account for, and the newer version of Quark I downloaded didn't want to let me create a wad from them. So you're gonna need to extract the textures out yourself if you don't already have them all on your machine

Do whatever you want with this, with the only rule that if you do something cool be sure to let me know. :) It will require some major redesign to make a cool map though

1 June 2006

The entry where Adam is less lazy and actually does some mapping

First online test of this, everything basic should be in place!

If you do see anything that is obviously broken or have any recommendations feel free to send an email my way. I can be contacted through adambailey AT mapsbytron DOT com.

In the meantime, I would like to recommend that anyone reading this take a look at the Into Cerberon Mod for Doom3. It's at an early stage of development right now (0.0.2 when this is written) but is showing a lot of promise. I have a map in the works that will hopefully be ready for the next release and even at this stage it is a lot of fun. :)

31 May 2006

Where Adam is lazy and downloads a webtemplate...

Ooooh, my very own domain. My awesome webmastering skills (!) have led me to create this website, based quite unashamedly on a template I downloaded from tri-star web design free of charge.

Over the next couple of days I will work on porting all the info from my old site across and hopefully have it all up and running.

This fluro-green sure is painful on the eyes though...might have to change it to something a little less offensive.